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  • For over 14 years, CFdesign has been helping valve designers make better valves that handle oil well heads, industrial applications, aerospace hydraulic applications, and even residential home faucets.
  • Automatic creation of the flow volume saves designers time. Just bring in the CAD model and CFdesign will automatically model the flow part
  • Moving valves like spring-loaded relief valves, moving butterfly or ball valves, and other arbitrary moving valve parts can be modeled quickly in CFdesign. You can either move the solid yourself or let the fluid "push" it for you. The built in wall calculator can even tell you the resulting forces at each instant on your valve solids
  • Valve wear, cavitation, water-hammer, and compressi ble effects are easy to find for the non-dedicated designer when in CFdesign
  • In the time it took to perform one traditional CFD analysis, CFdesign users have performed many "what-if" analysis and have the ability to cross-examine the results in one single interface to optimize their entire design