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  • Compressor and pump designers have either struggled to gain insight from proprietary hand written codes, gained system level data from prototype testing, or paid the time price for performing a traditional CFD analysis in the past.
  • CFdesign brings the capabilities of a fully functional CFD tool to their desktop, offering quick insight into every detail of the compressor / scroll or impeller / volute combination.
  • Periodic boundary conditions allow for a detailed analysis of one blade set
  • Full machine analysis is easy, and uses native CAD models without loosing geometry accuracy to a tessellated or garbage neutral file
  • Full performance curves and efficiency plots can be generated in days, rather than waiting months for a prototype to be built and tested
  • Details of the flow separation, inlet angles, scroll exit profiles, shear stresses, stator vanes, and complex split volutes can be found anywhere in your CAD model. Of course, the data that can be obtained on a flow bench is output automatically as well.