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  • To accurately analyze the complex physics of a fan, the CFD tool must rotate the moving, solid, fan next to the stationary parts of the machine. CFdesign lets part-time users do this quickly using proprietary automation.
  • Setting up actual, rotating fan models from CAD in CFdesign is as easy as setting up a basic flow analysis. CFdesign automates the detail necessary to accurately capture the physics of a rotating solid.
  • Interface details like static flow straighteners, interaction between the fan and its housing, etc. are critical to understanding the performance of a design and how to make it better.
  • CFdesign works on your native CAD to allow all parts of your assembly to play their role in the analysis associatively.
  • Periodic and 2-dimensional anlaysis is a capability of CFdesign as well, allowing designers a very fast tool to quickly optimize their blade designs for fans, turbine, and compressors.