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  • Complex electronics assemblies typically include hundreds of parts and cabling details. It is important to model those details that will affect the airflow in the system. CFdesign does not make you pay a price for modeling reality.
  • Automatic grouping of parts saves designers time, just type in part of your CAD name, CFdesign will find it and select it for you.
  • Assemblies from ECAD geometry can be taken directly from your CAD system to CFdesign, details included. CFdesign does not force you to make them "bricks".
  • Results from CFdesign can be used in any major FEA structural / thermal simulation tool to gain insight into accurate models of thermal expansion, etc.
  • Multiple "what-if" analysis can be run in the time it takes to run one traditional CFD anlaysis.
  • You can quickly compare and contrast your product optimizations in one single interface.