Consumer Products

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  • Household devices like vacuum cleaners, ovens, blenders, hair dryers, all have complex styling and surfacing features. CFdesign can handle the most complex industrial styling in your products without forcing you into a days-long meshing process
  • Rotating and moving components produce physically significant and very complex behavior in a fluid system. Cfdesign allows part-time users to quickly setup this type of analysis and gain insight into a product that would otherwise never be gained in testing.
  • Finding safe housing surface temperatures on products is easy and accurate in CFdesign as it solves for both the heat transfer and fluid dynamics of a system. Manual approximation of film coefficients is not necessary.
  • CFdesign’s results are fully compatible with all major FEA structural codes, there is no third party exporting necessary. Your fluid results can then show accurate fluid / structure deformations and thermal expansions.