Aerospace & Defence

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  • Complex physics and extreme conditions typical to defense and aerospace industries can be applied and managed easily in CFdesign.
  • CFdesign handles ECS, fire suppression, and piccolo tube de-icing systems easily. All major aerospace CAD systems work natively with CFdesign, allowing users to gain critical insight into complex geometry painlessly.
  • Air quality in a cabin environment is studied without overly simplifying geometry.
  • Assemblies of ECS parts are run directly from CAD, allowing insight to the system that would never be gained otherwise, not even from bench testing
  • Automatic meshing of complex geometry helps the designer analyze their systems quickly without having to spend lots of time on meshing alone.
  • Mesh is adaptive and optimizes automatically to local boundary layer
  • Optimized solver handles large analysis fast on normal desktop computers
  • New users are welcomed into a friendly interface and are able to achieve expert results